Weird WaterPark Getaway

Date: 4/1/2017

By ace200

I was going on a trip with my family and other relatives. Like, a whole group of relatives I didn't even know I had. We were in a carriage going through these woods. I just recognized my sister, my cousin, and my parents. For some reason, we were all dressed up, and I was wearing a white dress that resembled and egg. So, this little little guy was dressed up as an egg and kept coming over to me and I would hold him in my arms. We arrived at our hotel and entered into a restaurant. I apparently had Asian cousins and was sitting with them eating weird Asian food. They were younger then me and wouldn't talk much. The middle of this hotel had an ENORMOUS water park area with bright neon colors. There were walls you could climb, all around the big pool. My sister and I went to it and I remember going up this super small area in one of the walls (it was kind of like a jungle gym) and wanting to cry because of how small the tunnel was I was going up. I also remember everyone else like disappearing and it was just my sister and I. We found a sundae stand where you could obviously make sundaes. People started reappearing and we got out a GOPro to take video. I went on slide, rope swings, etc. Although there were two walls for climbing covered in beetles so we left that. There was a part where we had to wear plastic suits that was really annoying, I don't know why. Afterwards, we were watching the GoPro clips and they had this purple tint to them but it looked cool. I was then on Instagram and saw someone posted clips of me from Middle School doing embarrassing thing and of my other friends.