Rainy Days

Date: 2/24/2017

By mjastic

I was arriving to a concert with my best friend parisa. The stadium was huge and I had no idea who the artist was, neither parisa. We looked for our seats , stood in front of them while facing the main stage. Some guys behind us were flirting with two white girls and us , im guessing they were debating which girls were going to give in to his "flirting" . Obviously not us so the white girl kept blowing kisses and dancing sexually to get their attention, which worked. I began hearing soft sounds of raindrops hitting the roof and strong wind going through the cracks of the windows , creating this whistling sound. We hear someone say "SHOWS ABOUT TO START!!" And the whole stadium goes quiet. Im guessing it was boogie wit a hoodie but it wasn't , it was someone familiar but I couldn't see his face. All I saw was a blur. Some random guy started arguing with parisa and I pushed him on accident down the stairs. I grab parisa by the arm and signal her with my eyes in panick "RUN!". I find myself in a lambo on the drivers seat and parisa on the passenger seat. Im going 137 miles per hour and I see lined up black cars behind me. I begin to loose control of the wheel and look at parisa , she knows what's about to happen. As we are about to crash a center divider we suddenly close our eyes and wait for an impact. We waited about 30 seconds and we never crashed , we open our eyes in astonishment. We were in a community full of giant homes , we look at each other and start laughing. I randomly say I love rain and it ends.