I am the cheetah man, final sacrifice, sinking boat

Date: 8/12/2017

By TheNagual

I was in unknown hallways and whereabouts, I had on my green backpack full of illegal items. Suddenly, security guards began to chase me. I was ruining through a field, unbelievably slow. I kept looking behind and saw many people catching up; everyone wanted my bag! I weave into more hallways and find a women who knew that I was innocent. I kept turning around and shooting the people with a massive desert eagle like pistol. We end up in a room where I had anticipated two people to be waiting for us, I had clairvoyance into the future situation. I knew that inside this safe room would be a man and women, and the man would have gun which would kill me. Once inside I see the man and women and I shot the man with my gun and tear a whole through him. Suddenly, the women pulls out a gun too and shoots at us. I get in the way of the unexpected bullet and get shot in the stomach. Slowly I am dying on the ground, my vision decreases and my thoughts slow down and feel heavy. This felt intensely surreal. My last thoughts were how I wish could see my friend before I die here. I remember fading away and then re-spawning somewhere else like it was a game. I walked and looked into a small mirror and to my astonishment I am a brilliant looking cheetah man! I was somewhat slender but strong, my face was sculpted into the cheetah skin and fur perfectly, I looked exhilarating. I could see every detail clearly: small brown strips, yellow fur, sharp ears, piercing green eyes. There were two massive warships, the other one I looked out onto sunk from an explosion and a massive transparent fire that seemed to not burn the boat but give the illusion that it was on fire.