Date: 8/26/2017

By austinstewar

Im at my mothers house, we buy two pigs from a woman online. (supposedly mini) the seller arrives ontop of a play ground. The pigs are in little outfit and look exactly like new born baby humans. she says that the eat from their mother and then eat their own exrament, they keep falling through the flooring of the play ground. Everytime they eat they grow. I am now filling a bath tub with warm water in this field, there is a heating coil in the tub to keep it warm in the winter. the tub turns into just a whole in the ground with water in it. All of a sudden the Pigs are full grown, they are ragged with long claws and dirtys, I run up a tree where they cant catch me. My brother is sure they wont harm them and approaches them. they begin to chase him. He comes up the tree with me. The Pigs lose intrest in us. Ths then turn into a train and speed off. I hurry inside to warn my family. when i get in I try to shut the door but a pig is fighting it, I call for help, my mither helps shut and lock tbe door. one thats done my mother asks me to go back out, she needs the movie The Butterfly Effect for a school project. I tell her no. I look out the window, its time for kids to get on the bus. the are two busses driving along the canal, the rear bus is driving recklessly and runs them both off the edge. I run the the accident as fast as possble, and call 911 but theres no response. I hurry down the edge and try and start saving people. But the everything is momentarily digitallized and the people are pokemon, I watch many just die and jump into lava, everything switches back. I'm in a ware house now, I'm collecting things with some survivors (mostly toys) I round a corner and the people from the second bus are there. these people are much older. I try and run to reporr what I see but they catch me. The say that they are military. However, I question them and determine this is a lie when I ask for branch, rank, and last 4. I ask them what happened, they say that the drivers were new and messed up. I ask them to describe the drivers. The say old and ugly. It was the pigs, one of the guys say that he shot one driver in the eye. I look around and tge all have guns and weapons. I ask them what they are doing they say they are going to hunt them. I return to the group I saved, I speak with the leader from them (an older man) and tell him about the second group and rhe weapons then I wake up.