Worst Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak

Date: 7/8/2017

By SeeksInferno

I was working in a hospital as a doctor when a mass amount of patients came in with a new virus. I had already known about the virus, and I knew that it kills the patient in under 24 hours upon infection and that if you get it, you're done. There's no saving you. It started with one girl. I told everyone: "Full PPE. Don't even touch her. She's gone." Well, my colleagues hadn't the chance to put on their PPE when patient zero violently vomited blood all over the place and got it all over dozens of doctors. I had to accept that they were going to die. Apparently my whole family was there as well. My mother, father, and brother all worked at the hospital. We made it through the night without getting infected, and the hospital closed for the night. We had a small family conference, debating if it was even worth the risk trying to treat people for a disease with a 98% mortality rate. We agreed to work the next morning shift. In the morning, I was very emotional, worried about all the people I was working with. Drake Bell (from Drake and Josh) was there, apparently he was also in nursing school and was going to graduate as a nurse in a couple weeks. I guess I was close to him because I pleaded with him just to go home and avoid this virus, that I wanted to see him graduate nursing school (he was also younger than me in the dream, but still taller). He refused. Several people I remember from high school came in as patients, they all died. I pretended I didn't know them. Then the dream began to change rapidly and started making less and less sense. I went back in time (involuntarily) and found myself in a very Half-Life 2 style building that belonged to Dr. Kleiner. He was working on some portal to another world, and he didn't see me come in because I was now invisible for some reason. I also had the ability to float through walls (aka noclip, no I was not lucid at this point) and I flew to the outside of the building, and I remembered that an alien comes through this portal and spreads that virus. I quickly destroyed it (with a crowbar no less) but that didn't stop the alien from coming through (I don't remember what it looked like. It infected Dr. Kleiner, and we promptly killed it. Kleiner died in less than a day. Then I found myself in the future, past all the hospital nonsense, and everyone I remember from school is driving around the city, looking for "ingredients" to find a cure. Apparently there was some incredible bounty someone would unlock(?) by finding the most of them. It was highly reminiscent of Diablo 3, and there were many different objects needing to be found. They all had special, unique names and appearances, although I've since forgotten those. I remember one particular car ride I was on with an old classmate Victoria, she was bragging about some pieces she'd found and some more that she knew the location of. I remember finding a piece myself. After the dream rapidly changing locations once more from a meadow with hundreds of people running around to a very dark room, I woke up.