Attacked. I need to stop watching horror movies.

Date: 3/31/2017

By buggie

So took a nap guess naps mean nightmares. In it I laid down to nap. My bf mom & dad were in the living room. I could hear them talking. She comes down the hall to check on me. I had left the door open when I napped today. In my dream I'm half awake. She's playing with the kitty as she usually sleeps on my bed. She lays on the bed. Then I start getting attacked. I feel claws digging in my arms. Scratching down my arms. I'm trying to wake up. Telling her to leave me alone. I knew I was asleep & keep saying I just need to wake up. So I'm fighting. Reaching for the nightstand try to pull myself off the bed. I just need to wake up. I finally wake up. Then I see the damage. No one is there in the room and there's long claw marks. And pieces of flesh carved out of my skin. But I'm not bleeding. Now I know this nightmare is due to the movie I just finished watching an hour before I fell asleep called lights out 😂 & I hear his parents talking before I fell asleep. The attacker in the movie is a woman. Lol