Digital art, A girl apologizes to a boy she accidentally led on after rejecting his kiss, and they restore their friendship.

Dance Fail

Date: 6/5/2017


Since my bf and I are in different grades, I am a freshman in college while he is a senior in high school. Meanwhile, in college there is a dance at my college, and a guy named Jack offered a slow dance, and I accepted. He was so cute and so sweet. But then, we started to have romantic feelings for each other. This was a huge problem because I have a boyfriend, and now I am torn between both boys. If I tell Jack about this, however, I might lose a new friendship that I developed. One day, he tried to kiss me and I rejected. I finally told him the truth because now this relationship has gotten to a more romantic level. Unfortunately, what I had predicted ended up true. We avoided eye contact for a while, but one day, I apologized for accidentally leading him on. He understood that I was feeling torn between him and my boyfriend. He also apologized for leaving so quickly without explaining my truth. Our friendship was restored once we forgave each other; he even gave me his number. 🤗

AI generated interpretation This dream reflects your inner conflict regarding your current relationship with your boyfriend. The dance symbolizes the butterfly feeling of romance and possibility, which you experienced with Jack, the guy who asked you to dance. The fact that this happened while your boyfriend was not present makes it clear that you have romantic desires for someone else than your boyfriend. The dream also highlights your fear of losing someone who is newly important to you (Jack). You are aware of the risk of hurting your boyfriend, which is represented in the dream by your fear of losing the friendship you've developed with Jack. However, your rejection of Jack's advance suggests that your loyalty to your boyfriend is strong, even in the face of temptation. The resolution of your conflict, as represented by the forgiveness and renewed friendship with Jack, reveals that you ultimately value your integrity and honesty above either of these romantic possibilities. You have the self-awareness and emotional intelligence to be honest with both yourself and others, and to communicate openly and honestly when such conflicts arise. This dream seems to suggest that you will be able to navigate complex emotions and relationships successfully.