Kissing and being liked (long)

Date: 2/25/2017

By bluefox247

All the people in this were based on real people, like my classmates. I lived in a big city like New York and for a while i dreamt of a normal life where i would take the bus to school everyday. One day some guy looks at me and says stuff like, "you're cute", and always tries to get my attention. And there is another guy I'm sitting right next to who I actually like but never tell. I look out the window and always see these dogs locked up in tiny kennels and I feel bad for them. The guy across from my aisle and I have conversations about that and other stuff, and I start to like him. Then I notice that the one sitting next to me is very close and our legs are touching and I feel bad because I like both of these people. I find out that the guy across the aisle is a freshman (not true in real life). Being a senior, I'm like "ew, no way will I date you dude", but then he always kisses me (very nice kisses, actually). Later I meet this girl and we have to work on a research paper together and she is not anyone I really know well in real life but she is a classmate. We start to like each other. I try to kiss her but I mess up and I close my eyes too early and I accidentally kiss her nose and clear snot comes out (gross I know). We just kinda laugh it off and then kiss properly (weird I know). Later we go to her house to work on the paper. My laptop from real life is all weird in my dream, like paper that's gotten wet and then dried, except it was my laptop. While we looked up stuff online we were close to each other and we sort of nuzzled into each other, and then I rested my head on the table and she rested her head on mine. I sit up and ask her if I can try kissing her again, and I say "this time I won't kiss your nose, I promise." Just when we're about to, her dad comes in very suspicious and we immediately pull apart. He looks at me and starts to distract me from his daughter (he has a religion that is against homosexuality). He makes me tea and I gladly accept. It is a purple tea that is very fruity tasting. He then even offers me cookies to dip in my tea and I accept those too. Then I woke up.