Dying in looping videogame

Date: 7/12/2017

By Idontreallyknowher

Was in a videogame reality where every time I woke up in bed soon someone with a gun would invade my Dads house & shoot me dead. I tried several methods of running from the house & surviving, but could never get past the driveway. Except earlier in the dream when I was running with a huge group of women who were also in the game & running for their lives. I tried to think of strategies, both then & in my dads house, but there was never enough reset time or time to run/get out. One of the rules was that you had to be with at least one other woman, but I was sleeping alone in my bed & was the only one in the house, so they shot me every time. At my dads house I tried hiding in the bathroom, jumping out my Dads window & hanging from the awning, hiding in the grass of the driveway & hopping the fence, running out the front door. I don't remember the person shooting me having a face or body, but the presence felt military like.