The White Void

Date: 3/29/2017

By The_Online_Dreamer

Most of the dream was a blur, with a few fragments i vaguely remember. But i remember going lucid when i begin to appear in this infinite white void, where some pink suited girl invited me to. I remember how I came to lucidly, when i fall from a white void onto a flat ground. Things start to appear, it's foggy at first, like weather foggy, but it clears up and it gets a bit more vivid whilst I'm dreaming. I immediately thought "Woah, this can't be real. It's a land of white." A few structures, well, i say a few, but it felt so much like an endless warehouse with most of its roof missing. The lighting was incredible. I attempt to create a ball of plasma, "plasma ball", nothing happens so i look away, i look back and a black orb appears where my hand was when i thought of it. Then i spot the vivid detail of my hands, before I lose most lucidity and return to a coloured, more real looking dreamscape. But it's still ultra vivid .... until my alarm goes off.