My Shack

Date: 3/13/2017

By katiepainter97

Night of June 2nd So I had a dream that I was picking up my sister from my dads house because the child services said that either I had to get her or they would. It was a big White House at the end of a culdesac. He came outside from the side door and he looked gross. He looked like he hadn't showered in days with a white shirt and white sweatpants, covered in stains. He was yelling at me, but I couldn't hear him for some reason. It led me to choose my room at my dads new house. All of the rooms upstairs were taken by my brothers and my sister, but my dad had a special room for me. It was outside for some reason. I had to climb over all of these flower bushes to get to it. It was a darker hot pink little home. I walked inside and it was so cute. The walls were a pasty yellow with lime green outlining. It had stringed pictures of places I've visited with world maps pinned to the walls. My bed was in the center of the shack-like home. It had an ivory bedspread and it looked so comfortable that I sat in it. I looked out the window and saw the prettiest sunset on the beach. It was an ombré of yellow, to orange, to pink, to red over the water. I was thinking to myself how pretty it was. I strung lights all around the roof and planted more flowers. I thought it was the perfect spot to have friends over without having to worry about making noises to wake people. After that happy thought, I came to a realization that because I was isolated without security, people could break in. I went for a walk around the trails above my little shack. It was a very pretty walk full of purple and blue azaleas with white iris. It was an overcast day, about to rain, I ran through the trails to get away from my family and ended up sitting in a bush. But then I ended up back at my little shack.