old friend, birthday, abroad, baseball

Date: 11/26/2019

By rembrandt

had a dream me and joy reconnected the day after my mom told me i should reach out to her. we were in paris, oddly enough, but at some points we were also in tokyo. both of these locations are the places we went to study abroad. the semester was beginning and we were on the airplane, eating some sort of food. somehow it was also both of our birthday’s at different points, she remembered my birthday. i didn’t remember hers until she told me, i tried to go to a store and find something to get her but i ended up spending way too many hours looking it was already too late by the time i left. she was eating at some japanese restaurant that was a chain she’d worked at once (this is a fiction.) apparently is looked like a panera bread on lincoln blvd, another location which doesn’t actually exist. anyway, later in the dream i saw that she had a huge birthday celebration with a large group of people who came by her window and sung her happy birthday. she had lots of friends. unlike me. there was another weird subplot to this dream about some italian women who were spies and lived in a shabby apartment beneath joy’s place. their toilet looked so old, and you have to pull down a cord to flush it. it was gross. not sure if i was staying here or what, but i was definitely in this place at one point. there was another part of my dream where i was playing baseball with a team of kids who were underdogs. kind of felt like the sandlot or something. everyone on our team thought we were going to lose, but i didn’t give up. i wanted to win. i woke up wrote this, and went back to sleep. now i was back in santa monica, telling my dad about the dream i just had. somehow i ended up alone on an electric scooter trying to get back home. i kept checking my apple map navigation but it wasn’t telling me the right location, i just kept following it without using my own intuition. i ended up in malibu so far away from my house. i was on a long winding road, and ran into Devin and her family, they were also trying to find the way to get home, and were hiking on the path. At this point I realized I was way off path, I needed to go back to get home. I stopped and chatted with them for a while and told them how i got there and then left. for some reason devin and her sister kyra were really interested in my scooter. I think they thought it was theirs. Both of them were aged to when I knew them as an 8th grader. So I rode back the way I came. At some point during all of this, I interacted with a woman who helped me get back to a point where I could easily ride back on my scooter. I got her WhatsApp and send her texts. Later I was talking with Joy, Rachel, and Maddy about this whole event, and we saw on the news that someone had died in Malibu. It was that woman. I showed them a WhatsApp message I received from her, and said this could be the last thing she ever said and it was sent to me. Spooky. Then I woke up cuz I really needed to go to the bathroom.