We have a stalker mom!

Date: 7/28/2019

By MichaelCrick

I was skate boarding and my sister left for a friends. My skateboard gave me a notification that someone was following me so I went home as fast as I could. When i got hone I checked security cameras and saw someone rubbing paint infront of the doors and looking though windows seeing this terrified my family. I went longboarding tgat day and a truck kept going past my house but this time it was coming straight at me I jumped off my longboard and tge truck drove away. It was night time so i longboarded too the mall too meet up with friends i saw nick foster dressed as a goth and every girl in our school was there but everyone was dressed like they were going too prom I found Elijah zach and John I started dancing and everyone was in love I felt as if i was the one million dollar prize in the room. Some women dropped her package in the mall so i grabbed and said MAM YOU DROPPED YOUR PACKAGE. So i chased after her then she ran into a room and I followed the door shut and she turned around and she was my stalker he told me too open the box there was two green eyes looking directly at me and he said i’ve been watching you. thats when i woke up