Spiral Staircase

Date: 8/29/2019

By ivanmockingjay

Level: 🔴🔴🔴🔴⚫️ A few of my best friends and I were at this resort and we were all by the pool. This was no ordinary resort since it was located at my old primary school compound and had rooms resembling those of my old classrooms. It was nearing afternoon and I was ready to get back to my room. My friend and I were arguing because she loves to take control and decide what we were doing without consulting everyone else so we left the scene and continued arguing on the direction of our room. To get to our room I had never remembered the way back but my friend did and she guided me all the way down these extremely narrow staircases that didn’t even have any stairs more like bumps and slides. After about 6 of these slides we were at our room where her mom (only she wasn’t her real life mom) was sitting in her usual floral fairy couture. Our room appeared much like a fairies cottage and was quite elegant and ethereal. In the next instance we were back out by the pool and it was later in the evening and the pools were closing so multitudes of people were pouring out and heading back home. My friends had decided that we’d go to a party we were invited to in town and like just by the thought we were there. We lay on the couch as my primary school umm classmate comes in and starts talking to us. (For privacy purposes said person will remain Unnamed and will be called AC) AC wore this blue T-shirt with loose Khaki short, the drawstring kind, and underwear peaking out from the top. AC constantly kept lifting up their shirt as if to show of their slender and fit physique, something i was not opposed to seeing. AC kept talking to us and noticed I was Hiding my stomach area under some pillows and they approached to ask to show it to them. I refused obviously but had told AC that I would show it to them if they would take me somewhere else. AC’s brother was out talking to everyone and it seemed to be his party. In the next instance we were heading back to our room and were in a rush to get back as if something was wrong. We hurried down the spiral staircases and got to our room only to find our room turnt upside down and in a complete mess. My friends mom sat on the couch speechless. The only things she managed to mouth were “promise me one thing, don’t go” And as I looked to my right there was a table dressed beautifully in rainbow regalia fit for a feast. It was as if she had planned an event that was completely destroyed. I felt as if I had to go as we had promised her not to. But I cant remember what it was we had to go to. I can’t remember the rest but THE END