Silent Police

Date: 6/25/2019

By TheMeaningOfRecit

My sister, cousin, and I were riding our four-wheelers on a trail next to train tracks. The area was somewhat familiar, as it had a mountain side with a forest on the left side of the tracks, and the gravel trail and more trees on the right. However, this specific part of the track did not exist, and it also seemed to stretch forever. After moments of riding, we heard a speeding car beside us. My cousin decided to follow the sound for some reason, and we just went with it. So we followed the sound of the fast car. Suddenly the train tracks disappeared and was replaced with a connecting trail. The speeding car came out of that trail. This car was gray. Even though the trail was meant for four-wheelers, the car could somehow drive through it. It must have been going over the speed limit, because it was very fast. Eventually, we were in the trailer park area, a part of the trail familiar to me. The car is still speeding along. That’s when we found some type of small brick building. Then we heard a police siren. A cop car came out of the building. The gray car stopped on a dime and went into the building, which seemed impossible because the building was too small, but it could manage to get in there. We planned to pass by, but that didn't happen. Suddenly, a brick wall materialized out of thin air. It blocked the trail, so we had no other choice than to enter the building. When we went in, things were very off. First, the building looked bigger inside than the outside. Second, windows appeared inside, when before there were no windows on the outside. Third, both cars were gone. A table and a shelf with tools was in the middle of the building. When we all got off our four-wheelers, a man appeared. He was the cop, but he had average clothes on. Suddenly the wall to the right of the man broke. We teleported out of the building, but could see the interior from the broken wall. Our four-wheelers also teleported, and we were on them again. We were suddenly at the end of the trail, which goes to a local neighborhood. Then the man faced us, but he wouldn't talk. He just stared; not one word was said. It stayed like that for a few minutes, silent. Then the man told us to come towards him. When we did, a gray motorcycle appeared. It was the same color as the speeding car. After that, the man finally spoke, but all he said was "Don't go fast" with no emotion whatsoever. Then the wall blocking the trail broke and we could go. This time, the trail looked exactly the same as the real one. Then out of nowhere, the scene switched. Now it was night time, and we was all in our house. Mom was with us. My cousin was gone. Mom told us to go outside, so we went to the porch, and she teleported there. Then she said "Wanna see a trick?" Before we could say anything, she got out a rubber band and threw it. Suddenly, one of my cats, Crazy, ran through the door and caught it midair. Then Mom caught the rubber band with Crazy hanging on it with her mouth. Then she threw Crazy with the band. Crazy did a backflip, but landed on her side. The good thing was that she was unharmed. She landed at the end of the first set of stairs to our porch. Crazy got up and then transforms into another one of my cats, Jasper. He climbed up with the rubber band and Mom got it. Jasper phased through the door to the inside. At that point it was just silence. Then we saw headlights come up to our hill. Then the car parked in our driveway. By the way, all of our cars were gone. This seemed to be a police car. Its siren lights were on, but it made no noise. Then more police cars came and parked in our driveway. None of the cars made any noise, but their lights were on. We all teleported inside and stared at the cars through the door. Nothing else happened at that point. No cops came out, and no sound was made. The cars just stayed there with the police doing nothing the whole time. Then Mom opened the door and went outside. We just stayed inside. Eventually more vehicles came. This time it wasn't cop cars. These were bulldozers, which could somehow fit in the small road. The two bulldozers did not park in our driveway, but instead stayed on the road blocking it. Nothing happened for a few minutes. Then all the cars started to leave. After all of them left, it was dawn outside. We went outside and just stared off into the distance for a few moments. That is how the dream ends.