65. Strange dream 💀🐝🛢⚗🛠🚀🛰

Date: 7/3/2017

By Raul

I am In Aiud and all the citty is celebratinga festival on Halloween. All the citty is full of scarry atractions and party houses. I find The Adams familly house and join a party there. We had fun and sudenly the day restarts (groudhog day stile). It happened a few times and we soon realize the time before the restart slowly gets shorter. I also found that there are thousands of bees coming from under ground. I jump another dimension and I am now in a bar, surounded by a wasteland of desert and everything looks like The Borderlands. I drank a strange alcohol and passed out. when I woke up I had no legs and no arms and I used a bionic biomecanical suit to move around. The strange rhing is that the suit was controled by a dildo up my ass. I soon find out that the sun is expanding and life on earth is going to be fried so we hitchike a ride to the space station...