Game of Thrones dream

Date: 5/18/2017

By tezcatlipoca

I was a spectator in this dream, very much like watching a TV show. It definately had a fantasy vibe to it. The first character I remember was Darrell from the walking dead. He was crawling through a icy crevasse. He then starts battling the cold, I mean literally battling the cold like it's a monster, but you can't see it, you do see parts of him freeze. A blonde elven maiden who is watching the show with me tells me she had made Darrell a magic clock made of wool. In a flashback you see her gather the wool but it snow and she just sort of shaped it into a shield. cut back to Darrell and he is suddenly able to defeat the cold, but I don't actually see the cloak/shield anywhere on him. The next scene has Gimli the dwarf in a deep cave. He has just defeated a giant snapping turtle the size of a compact car with some sort of spell that was killed the turtle and cooked it. He reaches out with both hands and grand the turtle's face. with both hands he scoops out the eyes along with great heaps of flesh the color of cooked salmon. he tell a guy who was just standing there and who I hadn't noticed before that he better grab some of her wants it because this thing is going to wake up soon. I'm shocked by this. I was certain it was dead, but it begins to stir. Gimli begins to climb out a side tunnel, but as the turtle moves a guy who was trapped under the turtle is released. I know somehow that this guy helped Gimli cook the turtle, but Gimli double crossed him and trapped him under the turtle. I feel conflicted about that. This guy looks crazy and has a grey beard and is wearing a scifi jump suit and jewelry. He stabs Gimli in the leg as Gimli escapes and instead of chasing Gimli, he takes a sample of Gimli's blood of the knife (which looks sort of like a daedric dagger) and puts it into a machine which I know will let this crazy guy keep after Gimli. then I wake up.