I Dont Know What The Heck I Dream About but it Looks F#$cking Real.

Date: 1/30/2019

By ena.b

This is what I remember, I am an extremely depressed girl who only sole reprieve is writing but it seems that writing didn't calm my dark thoughts inside my head and I am afraid I would not be long. Im also being chased by demons. Then a famous person decided to marry me not knowing the existence of demons. I remember him drive a blonde girl in our SUV. And the blonde woman, notices one girl and one boy in the grassy, unpaved road. She decided to take them with her in our car but before she did, the two children reveal themselves to be demons too. And they were chased by them. I have a feeling that my dream husband will die, so I have to do something. And I should die first. After a while, when I was in this bed sleeping, a demon crawled to me, started to eat my face but I dreamed about contracting with another demon in return, saving me from the demon eating me. And it did save me but with a price of course. The demon who save me abducted me by embracing me with its marbol wings and reappearing us in the ceiling, dripping with mucus. The demon told my husband the price would be my heart will not change its form, it will not able to move, thus resulting to my death. And thats what I remember.