sheep documentary

Date: 4/11/2017

By dreamvan

Along with one or two other human shepherds I helped a flock of semi-wild sheep conduct their mating behavior. This involved the males rolling against one another and spreading a fluid called mast on their coats. It contained pheromones that encouraged all the sheep to participate in an increasing sexual frenzy. At first the humans were concerned with preventing any lambs from getting trampled, but clearly this orgy was a natural phenomenon and our interference was pointless. The boundary between sheep and human became unclear and I found myself moving from place to place rolling against other sheep. The euphoria of the mast promoted group participation. There was no advantage to the strongest or smelliest sheep. Each sheep became coated with the smell of the entire flock. This promoted genetic diversity rather than the genes of any individual. No obvious sex acts occurred. We the sheep focused entirely on spreading the mast as much as possible. We were all bisexual. These activities occurred in a mountainous landscape with glaciers. The dream became a documentary film with an explanatory voiceover.