Digital art, A person sitting outside in the snow, smoking a cigarette, haunted by the memory of a night spent with coworkers who are struggling with drug abuse and violence against one another.

A tragic story that will haunt me forever.

Date: 2/18/2019

By ChefRiggs

I decided to go hangout with a coworker (D) after work. We picked up some cheap beer and headed over to his friend’s house (L). It was surprisingly great considering how nervous I was being around people I don’t know. I didn’t know that they were musical so it was really cool to listen to them jam out. I was playing cello, D my coworker on piano and his friend (L) on drums. It was super lit! We headed into the living room to watch some videos and chill. A cute girl (A) came down from upstairs to finish the project her and L were working on. We all headed back to the music room to listen to them record their song. It was amazing! L was playing guitar and harmonizing with A as lead vocal. She had a very unique voice. D hyped up my cooking skills to them and they insist that I make dinner for them. So D and I went to the kitchen to prepare some food but we were pretty drunk by then so I didn’t expect it to come out very well. D heads back in to jam with L and A comes in to talk with me. She tells me all about her struggles with serious drug abuse and how hard life has been on her but she seems happy and proud to be recovering. We really seem to connect. She starts making these peppers like nothing I had ever tasted and adds them to my food which makes it 100 times better. She asks me to join her for a smoke so we head out to the garage to have a cig in the car. She starts playing some music and I can’t believe my ears. It was crazy because I had just gotten really into this kind of music. She tells me how this artist saved her life and shows me her cool tattoos. We’re jamming out in the car and she tells me that I’m really nice and attractive. I wasn’t sure what to say because I wasn’t expecting her to be so forward. I started to remember what my friend D had said about her being bad news and not to get involved but I couldn’t help but wonder. I say thanks in embarrassment. I guess her and L were a pretty serious thing pretty recently and were both using heroin and other very hard drugs. He keeps coming out looking for his weed and part of me wonders if he just didn’t like the idea of us being alone together. We head in to look for his stash but couldn’t find it. They go up stairs for a bit while D and I listen to music by the fire. I guess A fell asleep upstairs so L comes down to hang out. We talk for a while and eventually I fall asleep on the ground. This is when it gets scary. FAIR WARNING!!! It gets pretty graphic. I wake up to muffled screams. I sit up and turn around. A is in her bra and underwear sitting right beside me crying. L is pacing around in the kitchen yelling and D is sitting on the couch beside me on his phone trying not to get involved. She tells me that L dragged her out of bed and slapped the sh*t out of her. She keeps saying it over and over. I don’t say anything. She asks for one of our phones so that she can get a ride home. I give her my phone and she calls her mom to tell her what happened but her mom just hangs up. She tries to message other people but it doesn’t seem like anyone is coming. L keeps talking crap and she screams back about how he abused her. I don’t know what was going on. D leaves the room and avoid the situation and I try to let them deal with it on their own. She keep pushing him and he retaliated. He would hold her down or bear hug her to calm her down. It was hard to follow and none of it made sense. They were yelling about their relationship and the drugs and the abuse but I didn’t want anything to do with it. They kept running around the house making threats. She goes to the kitchen to try and cut herself but L restrains her. D has had enough and tells him to get his hand off of her. He tells them to separate but they keep antagonizing each other. D tells her she needs to stop over reacting and making it seem worse than it is. She grabs his throat and yells at him saying how would you feel if you were being choked. D grabs her wrist and warns her never to touch him again or he’ll drop her. She heeds the warning and runs up stairs. L follows her up trying to grab her, I assume he knows what she’s trying to do. I decide it’s time to step in because everyone was getting really physical and maybe they will listen to a stranger. I go up there and tell them they need to cool down and separate so they do and I thought it would be the end. L goes into the other room and A heads into the bathroom. I go in to the bedroom and notice L looking around. At this point I’m starting to assume that it’s not the withdrawal from heroin that’s got them messed up but they must have taken some benzodiazepines. I tell L he needs to chill out, that he’s being way too aggressive, and it’s only making things worse. He agrees and tells me he’ll try to calm down. I walk out to the bathroom and I hear crying... I open the door and I see a razor in her hand. She had cut her throat. She looks up at me, blood running down her neck and chest. Mascara smeared by tears. I softly tell her to give me the razor but she says no. I take it from her but she doesn’t resist. She immediately grabs another from the cabinet and breaks it. The blade falls to the ground so I pick it up before she can. She pleads to me to give it to her. I take the others from the bathroom and take them down stairs. She follows me down to see where I’ll hide them but I just give them to D. I take her up stairs to try and clean up her neck that is cover in bloody cuts. But she won’t let me touch it. She says let it bleed. I know that it is not deep enough to be a serious problem but it’s still concerning. I go down stairs and see D gathering all the sharp things from the kitchen and hiding them. At this point A and L start back at it again. I don’t know what to do. My legs and hands are shaking uncontrollably. I’ve never been so scared in my life. I want to leave but I’m scared of what will happen if I do. D tells me he had ordered an Uber so we wait down stairs for it to come get us. A comes running down stairs, still yelling at L. She grabs a six pack of beer, chugs one and throwing the rest as L chases her. He holds her down again saying some offensive thing. At this point D and I are done. We just want to get out. I grab my coat and bag and decide to wait outside because the freezing cold of the snow is better than being in there. I smoke a little to calm my nerves and pray that my ride gets there quickly. Finally it arrives and we head out. D keeps apologizing for everything as he takes me back to my car. I only wish this was a dream.... This is something I will never forget. I wake up in the night after seeing flashes of her half naked with a cut neck looking up at me crying. I can’t get the image out of my head. She haunts my dreams. I hate that I couldn’t help her. It hurts me to know that people can be that broken and lost. I still wish I would have done more for them. For now I suppose it’s one for the mental vault.

AI generated interpretation This is a very intense and emotionally charged dream which reflects a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty about situations you may be experiencing in your waking life. The dream appears to be a manifestation of your own fears and anxieties around vulnerability, relationships, and addiction. It is possible that this dream may be related to past experiences or even past traumas, perhaps indirectly connected to someone you know who may be struggling with addiction or abuse. The dream begins with a sense of social anxiety and discomfort around strangers. However, as the dream progresses, you become more and more involved with the group, even building relationships with some of them. This can be interpreted as a reflection of your own desire for connection and friendship with others. The focus of the dream then shifts to a woman named A who reveals her struggles with drug addiction and her journey towards recovery. This can be interpreted as a reflection of your own fears around addiction and the consequences it can have on individuals and relationships. The dream then takes an intense and traumatic turn as A becomes a victim of physical abuse. This can be interpreted as a reflection of your own inner anxieties and fears around relationships, abuse, and power dynamics. The fact that you are unable to help her may symbolize a sense of powerlessness or helplessness in your waking life, particularly in situations where you may feel outmatched or without control. Overall, this dream may suggest that you are grappling with a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty around interpersonal relationships and potentially traumatic situations. It is possible that the dream is encouraging you to confront these anxieties head-on and to seek help or support from trusted individuals in your waking life.