Ghost on 3rd floor

Date: 3/13/2017

By sana

After my daily class..i went to nearby grandma building .my grandma and aunt resides on 1st floor .. building is quite silent so i went on 3rd floor there i heard few people and nearby the common floor toilet i saw a very healthy figure ( healthy beyound human health)..i went on terrace and jumped on adjacent building terrace it was very close ...than i ran and jumped terrace to terrace of sevral buildings ..when i reached my place i entered my room by window (just for little fun)... I felt adrenalin by performing such act, next day i did the same thing i never went at my grandma place i fear that she wil inform my mother .i heard few noise on the third floor and i saw the scary figure...i again ran On the third day third floor i saw a very scary person who looks like a butcher he have beard and blooded knife in his hand .I ran using stairs and my aunt caught me on first floor i was sweating , panting .she made me sit at her place.I asked casually "this building is quiet!!" my grandma said "the third floor is haunted, no one stays there ....people see figures near common washroom" My aunt said "people who posses the ghost of 3rd floor seem to have high level of energy , they do adventures crazy things .like running ,jumping until they die"