Dreamt I was a really hot girl (I'm a boy)

Date: 7/27/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

I have no idea why this happened. But last night I dreamt I was a super hot girl randomly. I had lots of makeup and was super attractive. My body was hairless now and I looked at my hands and they were a lot softer and smaller and I was wearing black nail polish. For some reason I was still wearing all my male clothes and it made me upset lol so I went to the store to buy girl clothes to wear. And then I woke up. Too excited? When I woke up I realized I could have made it lucid and had a lot more fun (wink, wink). So I didn't move and closed my eyes. I was in rem and started to see shapes and re entered the dream again. But I wasn't lucid somehow and I was still headed to the store. Now I wanted to buy a bikini or something at the store I was going to instead of regular clothes hehe. Then I realized I had boobs and they were bouncing around because I wasn't wearing a bra (lol). So I reached inside my shirt and felt one. I'm a guy so i can't know what it's like to touch your own boob. But I swear it felt SOO real. They were so perfect. Round and absolutely huge. They were firm and plump and not saggy at all. I squeezed it and it was so soft and squishy and nice XD. It felt exactly like it does when I touch my own small male "boob" or whatever you want to call it. Lol only a lot lot bigger and softer. What I mean is I could feel the skin pulling on my chest. I could feel it as I squeezed it and it send a tingling sensation through my body and I got really turned on and Then I woke up. I was hard and excited when I woke up. I tried to go back to sleep and dream about it again but I ended up dreaming about school or something afterwards 😂