My strange and deadly trip (WWIII)

Date: 4/20/2017

By CreepyLexi13

My parents and I decided to go on a vacation (or maybe not) and my mom and I were looking at clothes that were right outside the line to the plane which looked like a line for a ride at Disney or something. It was a wooden ramp that led to a desk. This clothes rack was full of what looked to be different bathing suits and such. There was no one who appeared to be selling these so I just took like two things. Then one of the ladies at the desk yelled at me but I didn't care. Then it skips to us being on the plane and I was looking out the window. It was before we had taken off and it must've been a pretty view or something because I held my phone up to the window and my plane got shot at by someone outside. The bullet broke the glass to my window but the plane stopped it. (or perhaps this was while we were landing. Not quite sure.) now we had two planes we were going on and in between those planes was a place with a pool where we could spend the night because there was like 4 to 5 hours between planes. Because of the uneasiness of almost dying, I didn't feel like going to the pool like we had planned. Instead we all went straight to bed. It was one old gross looking room with nothing but a big dusty bed. My parents and I all had to sleep on it. On the next plane, I had something else (I don't remember what it was) against the window and it got shot at again. There are a few other things that happened in this dream but I don't remember where they were. Basically at some point a lot of the people in my school were there. But they were all people I knew. Because I'm a damn outcast, I was kind of just standing there alone until some girl told me to sit down with her. She had been my friend in 3rd and 4th grade but she was one of the people that stabbed me in the back. So we were just talking for a while and that was pretty much it. It was kind of nice tbh. Thank you if you read through this whole thing, I know it is long.