Ship and school

Date: 6/14/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

We were on top of a ship. I was working there. This ship was very strange because it had a large portion of grass around it that made it seem like it was land. I left my schoolbag near a bench on the land and I remember everyone started taking a picture of it. I became like a celebrity this way. So there came a day I had to take it away because they were going to try the fireworks to check if everything was alright. This dream was particularly complex. I could describe the patterns on the grass and how the rooms were and how people were dressed like with a lot of precision but time has passed and I've woken up a few times. The second dream happened at school. The classroom looked nothing like mine or any other I've ever been before. We had to present a group work. I was with F. B. and another person. I started talking when she, at a certain point, begun talking over me. I told her that we divided the work equally and that she shouldn't act like that. She stood quiet for a while then started again. I threw something onto her face. It was some white, fluffy thing but I don't know what it was. I feel like the classroom was part of the ship too. In the dream there was also all the discussion about how to divide work, topics, stuff. My teacher stood there silent.