A Long and Epic Dream

Date: 8/23/2017

By toxxicduck

First part, I was at a big laser tag looking place. I was with my ex Corey. The place was dark, but lit with neon lights of purple and light blue and bright green. There were people inside, walking around, but they all looked like silhouettes. We were there for the grand opening or something, and everyone inside was specially chosen to be the first to try the place out. There were competitions happening and in a large room I could see a giant screen showing what was happening in the current game. It looked like Overwatch, but everyone created their own personas. I remember a Watson-looking gorilla though. There were also GIANT characters that walked amongst the regular sized people, and their styles ranged from vibrant sci-fi of Overwatch and the dark, dirty, military look of COD and Halo games. Next to the big screen were little screens with icons of people's characters faces, showing their scores. Some people were aliens, or humans, or robots. It was really cool, but I thought the way the icons were shown looked super cheesy. I wanted to join a match, but for whatever reason, Corey wanted to leave and wouldn't let me. I was feeling super disappointed but I just went along with him. We went outside and to his car, which was a blue truck(not his rl car). It was nighttime and the parking lot was packed with cars, and on the outside, the “laser tag” building was lit up with neon lights the same way it was inside. We got into the bed of the truck for some reason and layed there staring at the sky, which was black and had no stars. Corey started trying to spoon me and feel me up, and seductively said “I can’t wait to take you home and make love.” I responded with “Uh, no, we’re not going to do that. I don’t want to make love with you.” I was insulted that he was just assuming I would go along with that. Corey went ballistic. He started screaming at me for being a whore and saying I was probably going to go off and sleep with our other male friends Chris and Alex. I was so upset and angry that I jumped out of the truck and ran away up the street. Then I was in darkness. I knew I was indoors, but I couldn’t see anything. The air had a smoky look to it, like incense was being burned. The air was thick and smelled like old wood (not often get to smell things in dreams). There was a red haired little boy. He was wearing white robes and seemed to be glowing white against the darkness of the room. He was saying things, talking about how he was the “chosen one” for a ceremony that was going to happen, but he wasn’t looking at me when he spoke. It was like he was in a trance. As he spoke, a little girl with red hair came up next to him, and I knew she was the boy’s twin sister who was also chosen for the ceremony. They spoke to each other about being chosen ones. Then a tall bald priest appeared before the two children. He and the girl also glowed white in the darkness. The priest was holding a book open in one of his hands. I don’t remember him saying anything, but suddenly a wall of tv screens flickered on all showing the piece of one big image. The image was in black and white and kept alternating between a choir of children in white robes singing a hymn, and the image of white rabbits sniffing and walking around with the hymn still playing. The priest and red haired twins started singing the hymn along with it. Then I was outside. I was with the red haired twins, the priest, and a group of other people who had apparently been the audience for that weird hymn performance. I had been part of the audience, and now were all outside because it was over. Us audience people stood in a semi-circle around the twins and the priest, giving them compliments. I remember seeing my grandma, who died a couple years ago, in the crowd. It was night still outside and the everything was shiny as if it were wet from rain. The sky felt really close, as if it were just a black ceiling right above the buildings. The group I was with had come out of a big factory with a single smoke stack on it. There were still people coming out of a door from the factory and walking very slowly away. I looked over the heads of people trying to find someone, but I don't remember who. I then noticed a giant robot tentacle arm coming out of the smoke stack. At the end of the tentacle was a blade like a battle axe. I knew it was going to attack. In a panic, I tried to warn the people around me but they didn't even acknowledge my existence. The tentacle swooshed down and when the blade hit a person, they screamed and burst into ashes, which then the axe tentacle absorbed into itself. I knew this meant the tentacle was absorbing their souls and that meant it was a demon trying to kill everyone. I thought "It's Molag Bal!" A demon prince in Elder Scrolls. Next thing I knew, I'm in a huge dark cavern. The ceiling was the same as close as the sky felt earlier, but now obviously it was a cave. The cave was a giant circular tunnel, like something out of Minecraft but bigger. The walls were made out of a slick black stone that was shiny, but also jagged at some parts, as if the cave was made out of glass-thin shards of obsidian. I knew that I ended up here from that demon slicing me and taking my soul, and that this was the demons realm. There were lanterns on the ground at various places up and town each direction of the tunnel which glowed a bright white light. There were some spots that were so black that it was like a blob of black smoke or something. There were also ghosts walking around; see through people made of dusty blue-grey light. They also didn't acknowledge my existence. I wasn't transparent like they were though. Walking through the cavern, I found out that the lanterns were at the base of statues. I approached one statue and became mesmerized at how insanely detailed and ornate it was. It could have been a real person who had been petrified by Medusa. It was made out of the same shiny slick obsidian stone, but its shininess seemed more metallic than the walls. It was of a woman in a long layered flowing dress who was knee deep in piles of books which were also part of the statue. Her arms were bare and she held an open book in one of her hands (like the priest before). One side of the book continued off its binding into a long roll of parchment that fell to onto the books below. Her other arm was raised above her head in a ballerina pose. The women's eyes were closed and she had a very serene and happy look on happy look on her face. Her way hair was shoulder length. I could see the print on the open book and roll of paper, but it was in another language. I took my time walking around the statue and peering at every little detail because I thought it was so beautiful. I continued on my way, passing by other statues and weird little niches where ghosts were just sitting there staring off into space or into the light of a lantern. I eventually encountered other "real" people, who weren't transparent ghosts. I first found a girl who was maybe 10. She had short wispy blonde hair and wore blue overalls over a white shirt. She was spazzy and was yammering at me real fast about a group of "survivors" that had gathered and how they were forming a plan to escape this demon realm. She led me to the group she mentioned. The group had built a camp around a large bonfire, the only source of light that was orange rather than white. There were bedrolls and boxes, and I wondered where they managed to find all the stuff and wood to burn. Some of the survivors had white lanterns with them, which they had stolen from statues. They also looked sad and angry and wore rags. The girl led me to a guy who looked another ex, Steven, but wasn't, and he even had a middle eastern sounding name (he's Japanese-American irl) that I don't remember but know it began with P (like Pinar, or something). He was sitting cross legged and had a huge turquoise earring in one ear, and was wearing a hemp tunic. It was like the hippy-guru version of Steven. He started talking to me about their plan to escape the demon world, and then I woke up.