Stress Dream!!!!

Date: 3/24/2017

By ksaspo

Ok so my very last dream before I woke up was as follows: I was in a food court of sorts and trying to get a meal. I went up to the counter of something that had a name like baskin robins but it wasn't. I got like, a mozzarella sticks meal that came with fries but didn't come with a drink and the lady was being very curt and people kept coming up to the counter like it was packed with people ordering at the same time so I get my food and I'm trying to juggle my food and money but she gives me my receipt and 11 dollars (which is how much the food cost) so I'm like "sweet she fucked up I get that 11 dollars" so I pay and go to grab the money but someone else does so I'm like ok fuck this sucks and I walk away with my food. I am in a food court with like, bright blue tables and chairs and they are those like, metal ones with the holes like you'd see on outside kid playgrounds you know? I see a basket of Oreos and I steal a few. I go to sit down in this seat but I notice a man's sweater on it and I see him look at me so like I'm all "sorry I'll sit somewhere else" and he like, talks to me but I can't understand it's all mumble so I repeat myself but he's still like, Frankenstein muttering at me so I just leave and sit else where. So now I'm sitting at the table and it's 2:05pm and I'm like "good I have time before my flight. And I'm eating and I have these bags with me and two guys from earlier at the food stand are nearby. There's some sort of weird rivalry even though I don't talk to them. It suddenly dawns on me that I'm pregnant. I start low key freaking out that I'm pregnant but I'm like "it doesn't matter I just have to make this flight so I can have this baby" except now I look at my phone to check my email to confirm my flight and it's 4:12 and my flight leaves at 4:12. So I panic and grab my things but I have like, 3 coats and I can't seam to hold them but I'm running through this food court into a lobby of a mall that is INSANELY fancy. I dont understand the directions and every time I look at my phone the email changes and does that thing where the page loads and moves the text around and I'm panicking still but I decide to do downstairs towards a place labeled "d2" and I'm like okay maybe that's it" so I get down there and it's an airport lobby so I'm like great I think I'm gate 12 and I run there and the guy is closing the gate and I'm like "fuck I'm here is this my flight!" And he's like "what flight are you and where are you going?" Except I don't know all I know is I have to get somewhere in America expect I don't know if I'm in America or not so I panic trying not to sound stupid and there's this girl there and she's like "if you're not careful your water is going to break" and I'm like "no I don't want this I don't want this baby and why do I have so many coats???????" And then I'm like wait maybe I'm reading my ticket wrong and the date is 4/12 not the time and then I was like wait the flight is flight 4 at gate 12??? and I realized I was dreaming.