Experimental acupuncture

Date: 4/24/2021

By Purple

In my dream, there were hundreds of volunteers who were given hundreds of pins and needles on their bodies for a 2 day experiment. It took over so much area, maybe the number of pins and needles reached into a thousand or more. The whole day, these volunteers attended lectures. I don’t know what the lectures were about, and there was no real way to take notes from these lectures. Some of these lectures took place at great heights. I remember debating how to get down at some point. I climbed down a rope or an open set of stairs and then jumped. My whole body felt the pins and needles. At one point I saw the man I worked for in the 1990s. He wasn’t one of those people stuck with needles. I also saw my mom and another co-worker from the past. Mom was a pain, asking stupid questions and getting on my nerves. The ex co-worker brought up such strong emotions, we both cried when we spotted one another. We briefly hugged. The crowd of people with these injections continued going to lectures all day. At the end of the day, we took out our pins and needles and some of the volunteers helped us remove the pins and needles as well. They were everywhere, including pubic areas. Some people were not so modest about taking out the pins and needles in public. Others went to restrooms for privacy. Some people were flushing their pins and needles, which made me sad for the environment and angry at those who were so inconsiderate. Still, some may have been flushing them by accident. At one point, many of the volunteers were in an apartment. I recognized it as my aunt’s apartment from when I was younger. The layout was the same. Many strangers were coming and going, removing their needles. The bathroom area had men and women, not modest, half clothed, taking off their pins and needles. At the end, volunteers took a magnet to our bodies as one final check to ensure nothing was left. I was uncomfortable the whole day and couldn’t wait to get them all out. Some areas bled—-those were where the pins and needles were thicker in diameter. I went through the magnet, and put my cell phone down, aware the magnet could do damage to it. There were a few areas I missed. There were three men (they looked like triplets or brothers) who boarded a bus and they all had some left in the same area, in their hair, toward the front. The bus driver commented and they helped each other with the removal. My friend Val had also volunteered. I saw her taking out her pins and needles and carefully putting them away based on their sizes. She was one of a very few people who bothered doing that. I didn’t ask why. Everyone else discarded theirs. We got to do this all over again the next day. I was highly reluctant to return for day two of the experiment.