I don't know, captured or something?

Date: 3/19/2017

By Eggcarton

So I was in an old house, same layout as my great grandmother's, and for some reason I walked into a bedroom, everything was real antique looking, and all of the sudden my ankle was grabbed and I was pulled underneath a bed. I looked over and it's some black haired girl wearing one of those old pale colored dresses, looking scared to death, yell-whispering that I shouldn't be out in the open, that we needed to hide. I was of course confused, and at this moment hitting slight lucidity in my dream. Before I could fully register what the girl was saying, I was pulled out from under the bed while the girl screamed. Once I was on my feet surrounded by what I guess were some sort of authoritative figures, I looked over at a rusted mirror and saw "myself" I was some younger girl with long black hair and real pale skin ( like as pale as flour). l, being in slight lucidity, was able to register that that was not me, while I am a girl, I have short, dirty blonde hair (an unimportant detail). After this, I was taken outside of the house with my hands tied behind my back. Outside, I could see a crowd begining to form, and a line of other kids, all tied by their wrists, but with burlap sacks over their heads. Soon enough, I too joined the burlap covered kids with my own sack. We were all lead to an old silo looking building with a large hole in the ground inside. Our sacks were removed and one by one we were all pushed into the hole. Before I fall into the hole, I pleaded with the people pushing kids in, saying something along the lines of it's not our fault or something. I have had this dream a few times, and I always wake up at the part where I'm falling into the endless hole. I wish I could stay asleep just a little longer, just to see what would happen, but all in all, that's all that happens each time...