Justin Bieber cheated on me?

Date: 8/12/2017

By explosvies

I was in the process of dating Justin Bieber and everything was nice like he was very sweet and obviously and he wanted to cuddle or whatever (we were on a bus?) anyway i texted this girl “hey” and also asked if they still had something and then I don’t know how Justin found out because she was sitting two seats in front of us? Guess she texted him 🙄 but he got upset and said I was snooping behind his back honestly wtf I was asking a question I mean I guess I could’ve asked him but for some reason I wanted to ask her and the girl I texted was someone I was friends in High School with who also was flirting with my ex right in front of me so I obviously stopped being friends with her because she knew I still liked him and plus she had a boyfriend I believe at the time or maybe they were on a break doesn’t matter! But it may not sound like cheating to y’all but he obviously was hiding something like? He wouldn’t have gotten that mad like it was even snooping?? I like how serious I’m taking this lol. I’m gonna get some coffee now 👋🏽