Dream inside of a dream

Date: 5/25/2017

By jooneyeri

I had a dream inside of a dream My English teacher asked me to write about a dream I had (ms Matthews I think) I dreamt about vampires and birds If you are a bird you have to flap your arms as hard as possible and you'll fly But you need a running start and its really tiring to keep flapping your arms If you're a vampire if you partake in some sort of red crystal then you become a vampire You can transform into a bat who can fly Its not as hard to fly for vampires Vampires "hunt" birds Christina (수민) and Sarah Martino were in my dream outside of the vampire dream Ms Matthews said everybody has a color or something I used to be a whale and my color is blue because I used to be sad Red hair is the trickiest color and apparently you have to keep and eye out on red people (sarah) Christina was green I think Something about bombs I was chased a lot in my dream inside of a dream Something about flying over water because I was being chased but since I cant fly for long I had to rest on rafts and boats every few minutes I tried flying to the tops of apartments too but the vampires found me too fast There was something about me getting brain surgery too and it was on the top floor of some tall building so I flew there but the vampires were already there I made semi-friends with one vampire somehow and either I or 수민 asked them if it was worth it becoming a vampire They answered kind of ambivalently "Yes and no"/"장단점" Cause flying without having to constantly flap your arms up and down is pretty cool Also you get all sorts of awesome powers But you have to live forever and be a faithful servant to the vampire creed Living forever kinda sounds sucky but the vampires were so OP This was a really fun dream I slept for 12 hours for the first time in forever cause I pulled an all nighter