16 Feb 2017

Date: 2/16/2017

By verisiel

All I remember: Somehow I get to the top of a building and there are many people here. There is a game where two people are up on a ladder, and two people hold the ladder, balancing the weight between each other. I see Kaden and Mason, but Kaden is older than when I last saw him in elementary. I dont really pay much attention to Mason. I am up on the ladder, they are balancing me. I don't remember how I felt, but I dont think I was afraid. Then I am balancing two other poeple, one is Mason, with Kaden. I dont really even know at this point if this guy is Kaden, he is way more handsome. Blonde, shoulder length hair, tallish, thin. We are balancing the weight, and we are doing very well, but I get nervous that if I fuck up, they can fall over the edge of the building. I ask them to stop, to get down, but no one pays attention to me. Eventually this strange rooftop party ends and 'Kaden' is on the floor against the wall w/ 2 other girls beside him. Im about to leave and he says to me, 'It was nice to see you again." I smile at him and leave. I was intimidated The scenes change and Im a nurse in a hospital, and 'Kaden' is the doctor. Im not sure whats going on, because I dont remember exactlt but it was kind of chaos, and 'Kaden' was comforting me, helping me to continue helping him treat the patients.