We're packing up! + computer virus pt. 2

Date: 7/19/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

The first part of the dream I was in a house with a lot of girls younger than me and we were packing to move away, closing windows etc. I remember I took the shirt of a guy because half looked exactly like mine(green camo) but the other half was like a baseball jacket. Then I found mine(red tartan). We left the place and came to a square where I was with some of them + their teacher. I know for sure I was the only one from a classical high school since somebody made a joke about that. We were lying on some kind of mattresses in the middle of the street. I had a door in front of me which looked creepy. I was doing something with a computer that I recognized to be the same as the dream about ice cream. It looked like it was full of viruses, it started opening infinite pdf files so I had to force close that process. Then it opened photoshop and there were a lot of really childish drawings and collages, one of them was two lesbians, one wore green panties and the other one pink ones. This last one was wearing a strap on and the other one was sitting on her, taking it in the ass. The whole thing in a childish style. Then I saw the desktop and it had some folders I renamed to show myself they were safe, and I virus that I just moved to a corner. At some point the girl on my right side went into the door for no apparent reason and a man came with a puppet in his hand, he stood just in front of the door, then made weird faces and threw the puppet inside, then left. We heard a scream but no one seemed to care. The last thing I remember was a fat teacher doing some acrobatic tricks and the whole class moving from that place. It was almost the sunset.