I was nearly unwound

Date: 7/23/2017

By CanadianToast

I was at the skatepark when my mom showed up and told me it was time.for some reason people were yelling at me and I ran. I remember being at school and me and some kid, I don't remember‚Äč who it was but they ran away with me. I left my phone at school and went onto the field. I was going the opposite way when a juvie cop came around the corner. I broke free from him and as I was running away, he shot me with a tranqe bullet. I felt it in me, I was tired, but I fought it and kept going. I got tackeld by another juvie cop and I still got away. I remember after I got away I went shirtless and shoeless and I wasn't found. after awhile I returned to the school and got my phone. I then went to the skatepark and apparently I escaped permanently and they weren't after me anymore. I was so scared I would be caught and unwound. if you've read the book you know what I'm talking about