The Son of Neptune and His GF

Date: 6/7/2017

By drunchee

In my dream I'm apparently the son of Neptune, making me a Demi-god. This isn't important though. All the boys are on one side of the gym and the gals are on the other being divided by teachers. We are picking our partners for a dance or something, and it's my turn. Allison looks at my expectedly but I, in a hurry and nervous, pick Tash. Allison and I end up going to a teacher and fixing the problem though. So now me and Allie are partners. Later I'm outside and I see Blake sit by Allison and other girls on a bench. I instantly am mad, and use Brody going over there as an excuse to why I'm going over there. Blake moves. Eventually, later on, after Blake moves, all the boys start hanging out in this wooden fort. I guess it was like a party. I remember running out of the hut because of a gross big bug. Also, at one part, me and the dudes are inside the fort and through the glass on a deck we see Evelyn taking to Mr. H or Mr. R, I forget, and she's holding up her shirt so you can see her belly button and up too. I say dang that's hot and both the teacher the guys and Evelyn laugh. I don't know what this part meant or when it happened, but I also have a vague memory of a scene where I'm looking out a window in a place that reminds me of Finn's treehouse and seeing TONS of mayflies stuck to the glass. Yuck.