A Veritable Menagerie of Animal Imagery

Date: 6/23/2017

By Fitful

In a Victorian house, grey and empty and very old fashioned looking, I was in an office? Or a parlor. It had a desk and a window seat only so it looked quite empty. My mother lyayvok the couch and I got really scared when a large bumble bee started flying around the room. It was very large and kept getting large. Suddenly it was the size of a cat and it went to my mother and sat down beside her. She never moved, she was sleeping. I cautioned her to not move a muscle or she would die. She's allergic to bees, which is why I was so afraid. But I managed to get it up and flying. I grabbed an oversized water bottle, plastic and empty, and threw a blanket on the bee to capture it, then scooped it into the bottle and put a lid on it. This was a very large water bottle, and the bee was so large it filled it. In fact it was so big it's wings couldn't move inside the bottle. Panting and feeling the fear after effects I showed my mother the bee. I don't think she ever woke up to see it tho ~~ I was in a small park with friends, there were bees everywhwre. I was sure I was going to get stung this time. It seemed a big occurance to me as I've never been stung before. In the dream it didn't really matter that much, it seems inevitablez and the bees were actually really tiny. ~~ I had a little ghost friend. I was a child and I had a lot of unusual friends, but I remember her, lying on a window seat/couch and staring outside looking so sad. I lay next to her for support, wanting to put my arms around her. ~ I was going to a wedding, which might also have been some Olympics type thing. The main photographer, however, did something stupid for my friend the bride/also a champion and spliced his photo of the sunset on the horizon. This photo was supposed to be different for each contestant and the whole thing couldn't go on until it been taken the slice was very visible on the unacceptable photo, you could see light stream in from behind it. Someone had the bright idea to fire the photographer and hand me a very nice digital camera. I was a little concerned but took it. We only needed that one perfect shot after all, and I actually was familiar with digital cameras. I took it, and shot a photo out of the house window but the night was already pitch black, so dark even in the house I couldn't see what I shot. I had assumed the flash would help but it didn't got off. It did get a bit lighter outside, however. I tried again, pointed directly out the window because the first time it was so dark I shot half the wall, and the night got lighter still like dawn was coming. I decided, why stay in the house to shoot a sunrise horizon? I walked out and looked down, it was much brighter out here. There was a bit of water pooled in the mud right outside the back door. It had a shiny blue fish in it. I took a shot of that, suddenly thinking maybe it was a good idea. Then I noticed more fish, and the little puddle was actually a stream I came to find. Gerami's were swimming, and blue neon turtles, and bright crabs, little bright fresh water fish. I kept snapping pictures but when I noticed a pile of baby chickens in a round tin began crying for their mum I patted them. Then a rooster cried from under the ground, and geese began crying from under the ground, and i found newborn baby kittens too. And i had too keep swiping up all the babies so they didn't drown in the water, and prevent the fish from getting tangled and going down the drain which was suddenly there. And everything was so bright, light it was better than day, the fish seemed to shine. And the water was bricoleur and purling with light. In this dream the cats weren't cared for their kittens the same way the other animals did so, the kittens were left to fend for themselves until they were old enough to walk around and find their mum. I thought it was a little heartless. One f the baby kittens had been crushed by the crown of animals getting drawn down the grate. I grabbed it was it was so small and under developed I didn't think it would live. I was going to try and heal it when I was attacked. Some odious woman with a wand thought I was a murderer, holding a dead baby cat and my arm dripping in blood. It was actually died red by the clay I had been digging around it.