Family Reunion From Hell

Date: 7/15/2017

By AshWednesday

It started out with me as the adult I am now at a friends house having dinner to celebrate an engagement. The groom made his speech raised his glass in toast and kissed his soon to be wife right in cue. Everyone cued and awed in admiration and love and I said my goodbyes soon after and headed to the second event of the night, my family's reunion of all the kids and their families. In my case it was just me myself and I attending. I went to my place first and changed before driving to my parents house and walking the path I walked all my life to see them. A ton of people were already there I could tell by the commotion upstairs. I walked through the archway of my family home and turned around when an old car parked behind me blocking the way for anyone to enter or leave. I was on full alert immediately at this. Four Japanese people exited the vehicle now decked out with the Starbucks logo and came towards me, they said my big sister had something they wanted and I better convince her to give to them. I bring the rebellious soul I have always been refused instantly and that's when they attacked me and stuck these tiny sharpened pieces of steel in my hand. They left after doing this and I went inside the house with a bloody hand and two men followed me in. These men were my estranged cousins but not in real life, in reality these men are actors who play villains in a show I like. Anyway my psycho cousins walked in and announced they were here to murder our family and I just looked on in shock like everyone else. But then I began noticing a few of my family members were going to their side to help in the killings. I fucking had it at that point and sucked the metal out of my hand cutting up my mouth as I spit it out and threw it in the faces of my psychotic family members. My family entered an all out brawl after that and my "cousin" Kai came after me and began beating me badly but the good side of the family won. We sealed a couple people in coffins after realising they were possessed and I walked Kai and Christian out of my house and into the street so they could leave. Kai apologised but was being extremely smug and I called him out on his obsession with me and how he was my cousin and needed to let that go. He gave me a sinister smile and walked towards me but I woke up before anything else happened.