Talking about sex in therapy

Date: 10/31/2018

By IFailAtUsernames

I was at a therapy for people who went to my high school but we were all at the same age that we are now 18/19 and the person who was helping us asked us questions and made a slideshow about us to show the others, my slideshow was about Disney and my gf and the person who made the slideshow made a BDSM joke about us being together that none except for my best friend (who knows that we’re both into BDSM) seemed to notice. After the slideshows we talked to each other and my childhood best friend/crush was talking in detail about an embarrassing moment that happened to her while having sex with her boyfriend and she stopped suddenly when she realised my best friend was listening too. Then my childhood crush started looking at me really longingly and saying that it’s literally her dream to have sex with me, me and my best friend just awkwardly sat there because we both know that I wouldn’t bc of my gf and I’m not that attracted to my childhood crush anymore as an adult.