Fire in the Sky

Date: 2/1/2017

By micoo

We were on a family vacation and my husband and I stayed with my aunt and uncle for the night. We woke up, my uncle had breakfast made for us and my aunt gave me a neon yellow shirt to wear. I put it on. I automatically started feeling horrible about myself when I had this shirt on. It made me hate myself. It was also too big, but I wore it anyways because I didn't want her to feel bad. That night, my aunt, uncle, husband and I met up with my mom, dad, brother and sister. Went to this strange place in the mountains. It was gorgeous and seemed like a fairytale. Instead of normal rocks to climb up the mountain, there were steps covered with grass and pink flowers. There were different groups of people on the mountain, but everyone froze and looked into the sky at the same time. I was the last to stop what I was doing. I was so excited to see my dad. I looked up to see what everyone was staring at. "Is that smoke?" as soon as this question left my mouth, the sky was lit up with what looked like shooting balls of fire. Fire began to fall all around us. We ran for our lives. We all tried to run down the steps of the large mountain. My dad went down first. I didn't want him to go without me. somehow I was so far behind him and couldn't catch up. "Dad!! Wait!! No!! Wait for me!! Dad!!" I recognized the pain in my voice oh so well. The weird thing was, he didn't run down the steps like other people were, he log rolled down the steps. By the time I got to where he had previously been, I couldn't see him anymore and was scared. My brother started to go down the steps next. He got down and started to log roll like my dad did. I ran down the steps beside him. "Why are you doing that?" I asked. "It's faster this way!" he replied. We reached the bottom of the steps at the same time. "Oh, really? It's faster?" I teased. I turned and grabbed my husband's hand. He had come down the steps right behind me. We saw where our other family members were and went over to them. My sister was talking about random stuff and casually mentioned "Micaela (me) is most likely, among all of us, to have a heart attack." I was confused. I thought I was pretty healthy in comparison to most of my family members. "What? Why would you say that?" "Look at your shirt." ugh that stupid yellow shirt. I looked around at my family as I went over to hug on my dad. I noticed my brother wasn't there and began to panic. "Where's Oscar?? Oscar!!" I started screaming his name and frantically walking around trying to find him. My dad held me tight "It's ok." He said. "Your brother is a strange kind of people person. You can't expect him to stick around and be there for you." Then I woke up.