gun shooting at crowd

Date: 5/17/2017

By haryanto212

i'm at the gym like usual with tony, but there is winda...!! how come she ended up workout here? its a long distance frem her house. anyway i introduce tony to her. after that im going home, fall asleep (yes i'm fall asleep in my dream). and dreaming going to dufan with my komsel friend. and i'm awake in my dream, its 12 in the night, i suddenly remember have to transfer cod money for office. so i ride my bike to sunter whereis so much bank. and i see a lot of prostitute there in front of bank, and some of them beautiful tho. when i finish my business, i think there is no problem if i try one of those whore, but suddenly i herd gunshot. and i see an angry man shouting to someone while wildly shoot a handgun. everybody running away from him. me? ofcourse i run too, even tho i know some serious shit about martial arts, its just too risk. but that man becoma wilder and mad, he randomly shoot people, woman, man averybody in fron of him. when he run out of bullet, he threw his hNdgun and come up with a smg, a fucking SMG....!! things goes like crazy now. i jump and hide behind a concrete pot, then jumped up inside one of those ruko's fence and hide myself well there. i see some wooden stick there and made my mind. when that man comes nearly and loading the gun, i jumped out and hit his holding finger and angkle, so he loose his grip on his gun. i DISARM him....!! wohooo....!! me fucking DISARM a man armed with SMG with a FUCKING WOODEN STICK....!! but the man try to grab his gin again, but my reaction is faster, i hit his grabbing hand and then his face. the crowded see this and come to help me, they rounded up this mad man and start to punch and kick him together. my heart says "he is done for sure, one more dead body here".