Jedi Hunters and Zombie Sandman

Date: 7/23/2017

By Coldflames

In this dream I was part of an organization of knights and of course there were many organization like the one I was part of. There was a man me and some of knights were hunting as he was wanted across the world and was said to be very dangerous so other knights were hunting him. Some of the knights in my group were my friends and other people who weren't my friends but people I just knew. And of course some were in the other groups. So we had been chasing this man across the world until we reached Japan and were chasing on this very wide bridge so there were food stalls on this bridge which made it harder for us because we were on horses then became motor bikes while the wanted man was on foot. Luckily I was ahead of everyone else. When the man reached the end of the bridge he turned right onto an abandoned district full of empty buildings and houses but instead of turning I went straight while everyone else turned right which meant I was behind everyone else. There were about a hundred of us. So I turn around and take that turning into the abandoned district. Here the road changed from asphalt to stones so I had to get of my bike just like everyone had done. Now we were no longer knights but Jedi knights with lightsabers (don't ask). Since the district was quite large everyone had split up into groups of twos or fours, some on their own. I was also on my own since I was the last to reach there. So I walked along a street with abandoned buildings on both sides. Ahead of me were two Jedi walking towards me, one of which was a girl I once had a crush on. I walked past both of them still looking at the buildings when the girl starts calling my name so I turn around to see the other person calling my name again while the girl is shouting something I couldn't make out. Then I realise she is shouting 'behind you' so I turn around only to see no one is there so I look back wondering why she keeps shouting behind you. So I turn around again seeing an empty street still wondering. Again they both shout behind you but this time much louder and I turn to look at them and there was our target standing between me and the two people. The guy wore the same shirt as sandman but his skin was grey and withered as though the guy was dead and he was walking towards me. So I drew my lightsaber ready to fight but the guy was struggling to walk and looked like he was about to fall at any moment. But for some reason I decided to throw my lightsaber at the guy and it hit him by his throat but instead of slicing his head off it bounces of him and he continues to walk towards me. So I decided to use the force to throw him but it had no effect on him. I tried it again along with different types of powers but they all had no effect as if he was immune. So I was like screw this and ran in the other direction only to find him standing right in front of me ready to grab me. In my pannick I used the force again and threw him as far as I could and he went flying across the entire road hitting the building at the end which collapsed on him. So I was like yeah I defeated him. However just then the guy jumped out from the rubble landing right in front of me again screaming. The scream was so terrifying and his face as well was deformed with flesh missing so I woke up screaming as well. Unfortunately about two seconds later I'm back in the dream on the same street but this time both my legs are broken along with one of my arms while covered in my own blood though I was not in pain just afraid. I'm trying to crawl away as the guy is walking towards me again. Ahead of me are those two people again joined by other guys with their lightsabers drawn running towards me while shouting to the other guys in the area. And I know they are not going to reach me in time. I try shouting help but I was too weak to talk and tired as well. Then the man we were hunting grabs my leg.