teenagers with powers revolt against evil leaders

Date: 4/20/2019

By dogsandspaghetti

I don't know my place or role in this dream. In the first half I guess I was just watching a story unfold, but in the second half I became involved and was a character in the story. Okay so in the first half, I was witnessing some kind of crime? There was a man who was being assaulted by a blond woman. In the end, she raped him and then one of them killed the other but I don't remember who. It was probably the guy who killed the woman in self-defense.. This sparked a revolution of some sorts and people with powers (mostly teenagers) (going to the second half of the dream now) including me were brought to different places where we were tortured and made to train our powers for evil. (Okay so skipping some minor details here) But then one day, the leaders of this evil organization brought us people with powers to a more open place where some of us successfully escaped. I remember there was a China Town, a beach, a dumpster where I almost hid in fear of being caught in my attempt to escape, and a mall. Someone I know who goes by the name Kolline led us in this escape. Eventually one of us successfully escaped (my irl friend Joanna) and I begged her to call my mom and help me... And then something weirder happens. I am not part of the story anymore and watch two main female characters who are in love battle with the evil organization leaders. It was bloody and full of destruction, to say the least. In the end, the two ladies succeeded in their escape and were about to have sex in their hotel room when I woke up.