School day filled with anxiety.

Date: 4/24/2019

By richellebucks

The night before (in my dream) was the same as the night before irl. In real life I’m currently in spring break. So of course, since I didn’t have school the next day, I didn’t do my break homework. But randomly, spring break was over and when I woke up (in the dream) it was a school day. As I walk to the train station to go to school, the mailman hands me a letter, and when I open it, there’s an acceptance letter from Cardinal Spellman Highschool. It has two little jewel-ring things. (In real life, I’m currently in the process of trying to transfer to this highschool for the 10th grade year). I called my dad and he congratulated me. A while later, I got to school first period (& for some reason I had Biology first period instead of Humanites.) and realize I did none of my homework. My first period teacher didn’t have break homework for us, but my second period teacher did, and she’s really strict about that stuff. My second period teacher doesn’t take in late work and does not take pity on you if you didn’t do your homework for some reason. The only excuse is if you’re absent, with a note. We had a take home final, and I didn’t do two questions on the back page, and I didn’t do this other packet that she gave us. Back to Biology, I completely zoned out the first half of the class, where she was teaching. It’s like everything was a blur and just zoomed to the second half of the class, where we had a test. Again, I start to freak out because I’m obviously going to fail the test. I told my teacher that I dissociated from reality and I couldn’t control it. Then the bell rang, and my teacher took pity on me and let me retake it for tomorrow. For some reason my shoes were off, and I was still in Biology, struggling to put my shoes on, while having only 3 minutes to make it to Algebra (my second period class). My friend Tristian was laughing at me because my day was so messy, as I kept struggling to put my shoes on. They just couldn’t go on. Now in my school, 5 minutes after the period, they lock the doors of the classrooms and you have to wait till your next period class, unless you have a note as to why you were late. I, didn’t have a note so AGAIN, I started to freak out that I was going to be late to class and drop my grade even more. I eventually quit trying to get my shoes on and went to my algebra class barefoot. In the staircase, I started talking to my friend Fily and started crying about how my grade was going to drop to a failing grade and I started to have a panic attack. She told me that it’s alright and that she’ll try to talk to the teacher, but I said “NO” because I was scared of her. After that, for some reason, I went to the 5th floor instead of the 2nd floor and at this point I had a good 30 seconds to make it on time. My friend Terrance was also rushing with me and we pushed out so many people to get to class. We went to algebra seconds after becoming late. My teacher was just about to close the door and then she sees Terrance holding me while I hop on the floor with one leg, barefoot, while crying. She looked really confused and I guess she took pity on me and let the both of us in. When I go into the classroom, there’s only about 5 other kids. As me and Terrance went into our seats, I quickly realized it was my teachers “headache day.” Our teacher was in her sweats, had no makeup on and she looked really sick. That’s when I knew that it was one of her headache days. (In real life), My algebra teacher suffers from migraines and sometimes she gets migraines in the school day, so she stops teaching and goes to sleep on her desk and lets the class do whatever as long as they’re quiet. Back to the dream, I notice on the board it says “If you talk, take out your packet or final, you get a 0”. I started to thank God at this point, as it meant she won’t be collecting those things on that day. She then started to explain what was going on and the dream ended.