CALEA ZACATECHICHI #4 - Fleshy goretasma, high atop the tallest top

Date: 5/7/2017

By TheNagual

Taken at bedtime: 100mg 5-HTP, 315 mg green tea supplement (to allow more 5-HTP access to the brain), about a gram of smoked mugwort. After about 4-5 hours of sleep: a pre-made glass of CALEA ZACATECHICHI tea was taken (about a handful of the leaves were used). *yes, the tea is terrible tasting. There was the strangest sequence of me and a women going around and around inside a fleshy wound. It looked disturbing, but in the dream I felt alright. The girl ended up pulling her way too hard and we fell through a long fleshy hole. The sequence progresses and there is a larger terrain now, still a fleshy setting. I was on a mission to stop something or someone. With me was a ogre creature and I found a meatball head next to me. I threw it at the ogre so he could smash it with his head, we both missed. The next dream was me atop a very high up and narrow needlepoint type tower. It was the tallest building around and I was standing on a platform that covered only 1/6th of the bottom of my shoe while holding on to the surrounding structure with my arms as tight as possible. The day was bright with a few beautiful clouds drifting, I look down and thought how I must have just climbed up here so fearlessly. There were people all around on the ground and surrounding buildings who were amazed. I was scared to climb down and I felt I was going to fall any second. I kept thinking about death and how rn my instinct is kicking in too much, I knew, that even if I died in a terrible fall, I would be alright. I kept repeating "Avalokiteshevara" and felt some fear dissipate. Finally, an advanced NASA rocket jumper flew upwards and saved my sorry ass. The ground felt great, I was receiving praise from all around me. There was mirrors all around in the Central Park type area and everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of me. I saw myself, I was wearing red and my face was lite up with a water reflected type glow. This dream and the tower gives me an accelerated feel of deja-vu.