Sold into Sex

Date: 8/5/2017

By srey798

This dream was within the same week as the dream of the dead dog in the freezer (7/16/2017-7/22/2017). In fact, I had this dream two days before that dream in particular. In the dream, I was walking in the middle of a desert ( I live in AZ ), and the only thing that you could see was the occasional street light and a train track that was along the path I was walking. I looked at my phone and it was 1:03 AM. I was heading home, despite being in the middle of a dirt wasteland, in the dream, I knew where I was going. I looked up from my phone and saw two cop cars driving towards me and a cop on a motorcycle. They rushed past me but I could hear them stop. I kept walking but soon enough, they pulled up next to me. Right where they stopped me, there was a train on the tracks but it appeared to be abandoned. Two cops walked up to me and one started to talk to me. "We have been looking for you! Your mom has been going crazy trying to find you!" I immediately check my phone but realized I had no missed calls or text messages... I was confused and looked at them and soon enough, two of the cops grabbed me by my arms and another one opens the side door to the train. You can immediately see a dozen half-naked girls sprawled in the train and they all looked terrified. They threw me in with the rest of the girls. The dream forwards to us being in a motel. The guys, now out of their fake cop uniforms, push us all into a big bathroom. The showers resembled the ones of the Holocaust. One of the guys grabbed a hose and started spraying us down. "Better wash up for our clients. They're coming very soon." With that being said, they allowed the girls to have privacy to take a shower. As soon as the guy left, all the girls started panicking and tried to hide their phones (none of the phones were receiving service but they were saving them for later just in case). One girl started wrapping hers in toilet paper and I assumed she was going to hide it in one of her cavities. Another girl had lost her arm to something from the past and to hide her stump, she had a really beautiful bracelet that covered most of her arm and covered her stump like a lid. She removed her bracelet and I could see that her stump had a hole in it and she was shoving her phone in it. I begged her to put my phone in there, too, but she declined. She was too afraid to get caught with one phone, even more so with two. I grabbed my phone and placed in my pants behind my belt buckle. I was shivering from the water and walked out to the living room where the only thing emitting light was the static screen on the TV. All the girls were sitting against the wall, shivering from coldness and fear. I sat at the very end and briefly looked around to find a place to hide my phone so no one finds it on my own person. Right next to me was a couch and I quickly shoved my phone underneath the couch on the floor (the cushion itself was somehow sewed into the base of the furniture itself, so putting my phone under the cushions was impossible). Through the walls, we heard a panicked mother talking to the secretary asking if her daughter Kelsey had checked in. All the girls, including myself, looked at a blonde girl in the room. We knew that was her mother, and judging by her wide-eyed blue stare, she knew that was her mother, too. We looked at her anxiously, waiting for her to say something, but one of the men said if we did anything or screamed, he would kill us. Our hearts drowned as we heard her mother start to walk away and eventually left. The moment we realized her mother wasn't going to come back, we all started silently crying. Our hope was diminishing. Soon, men started entering the room and were picking their victims. I was still sitting against the wall, begging in my head to not get picked. Suddenly coldness swept across my legs and torso. Everyone realized someone clogged the shower and the water has overflowed into the living room. I remembered about my phone and quickly grabbed it from under the couch. Sadly, my phone was damaged from the water and wouldn't even turn on. My faith sunk. As I begin to realize that there was no way of getting out of this, I heard my mothers voice in the lobby of the motel. One of the male clients had accidentally left the door a bit cracked, so I could slightly hear her. "My daughter is missing! Has a Stacy checked in here?" The secretary was typing away in the database and replied with a no. I could hear my mom start walking away and I panicked inside because I didn't want the same thing that happened with Kelsey to happen all over again so I quickly looked around. Everyone was "occupied". I jumped up and bolted out the door as fast as I could, in nothing but my pants and my bra. My bare feet were running against the sidewalk. I caught up to my mother at the front of the motel and quickly told her " I was sold into human trafficking, please call the police!" But fearing for my life, I had my mom run away from the motel with me while I was screaming "SOMEBODY CALL 911! A BUNCH OF GIRLS ARE BEING HELD HOSTAGE!" The dream fast forwards to me watching the news at my house. The whole event has become a major story headline and all I could do was cry and shake uncontrollably while my dad lectured me saying it was my fault for staying out so late. I woke up crying and cried for about 10 minutes. What the hell, man? Opinions and thoughts, please.