Date: 7/19/2017

By silentdreamer

Okay, so, if you read my dream "Crushing," then you should be interested in knowing that the boy I have a crush on name is John-Nick. Technically it's John-Nicolas, but he prefers to be called John or John-Nick. Anyway, my dream last night was sort of the same plot as the last day of school. Everyone was walking around the halls, hugging each other, saying goodbye, but it didn't seem like a normal school day. Some of the kids were smoking weed, weed is illegal in the state I live in, and a lot of the students were high. Not knowing about my crush being high, I went over to one of his best friends and told him to tell John-Nick to text me. He said okay and immediately went to tell him. While I was watching him walk away my crush made his way towards me, I ran away as fast as I could, it wanting to run into an awkward conversation. I can't remember too much of what happened, but I remember walking up to John-Nick and he was leaning against his best friends, became he seemed to look drunk. Though, it was the weed. I called out his name and proceeded to say something along the lines of "Get the fuck away from me. I don't want to talk to you." Even though it was a dream it still hurt me deeply. But, what should I do? What can I do? Should I text him in real life to see how he is, or will that look too desperate? Should I wait for him to text me first? But he most likely won't because we weren't that close throughout the school year.