James Bond fo real

Date: 8/9/2017

By raashikul

I was myself, but I ran into James Bond and somehow got caught up in one of his wild missions. Apparently he needed to steal this big, black geode thing (heavily surveilled, kind of a big deal) from an old library/ banquet hall? where there was a semi- fancy party going on. He retrieves the geode while I'm on the outside, and does a handoff to me. I think I was his only choice, but I blended in with the crowd, so a solid option. He had also put the geode in a plastic bag, so it was real casual. I took the bag and I just remember running. Then I momentarily stopped because I was like, "wait, isn't my running suspicious?" But then I thought, "What would James Bond do?" And then I took off running, real fast with a serious look on my face. I was the real deal.