The monster

Date: 2/8/2019

By Kantz_Dreams

I am in my house, just hanging around. My mom calls an Uber, and a couple of seconds later, two cars arrived. One was a black minivan, and the other was a blue suv. My mom and sister got in one car, while I got in the other. The scene suddenly changed, and I am now In the home screen of geometry dash. There is some new content, and I go over to view it. It is some new levels. I play one of them, and as I am going through the level, the screen starts to glitch, and my whole body starts to shake as if I’m have a seizure. The screen is black (my view), and I see a view seconds of something horrifying. I am in the Uber, still shaking in real life. I look over to my left, where I see a human, that looks life a monster!! They have their mouth open, and their long tongue is flying all over the place. Their eyes are wide open. I wake up from the dream, but I’m frozen, and I can’t move!! I knew that I’m not in sleep paralysis, since that has a different feeling, but I am on my side, unable to move. For a few seconds, I hear ominous sounds all around me, and my body feels heavy, like it is sinking into the bed. The noise suddenly ceases, and my body is able to move again. (btw I have a lot of dreams where it suddenly “glitches” and I wake up. I don’t know why, even though I know a lot about dreams.)