Wild cats

Date: 2/20/2019

By Rainbowinsight

I was walking up a hill towards some men at the top, as I was climbing up I saw some black panthers at the bottom coming up towards the men and I was worried they would attack me as they passed by but they went straight passed me to the men at the top. When I got there I talked to these guys about the control they had over the Wildcats which was amazing. They took me to this Manorhouse where I sat’s with these black panthers stroking them I asked someone if they could take a photo on my phone for my daughter but I couldn’t get the camera to work eventually I gave it to someone to take a picture but they disappeared. This place seemed to be some kind of a commune and a group of people sat around a table and started praying. I realised I had been there longer than I had expected but didn’t know what time it was. as I was thinking about this I saw a large black lion sitting near me it invited me To sit next to it which I was very excited about however as I continue to look at the lion I realised it was only some dude dressed up like a lion I didn’t want to sit next to any more and I felt very disappointed. I decided I needed to leave then Ash came up to me and said he wanted to give me $3000 it was three $1000 notes I said I’ve never seen a $1000 note I didn’t know they even existed he just smiled they were actually genuine as I realised this was real I started to weep because no one had given that much money to me ever before.