Different Lives

Date: 6/10/2019

By estherolo

This dream really confused me cus I kept switching perspectives. The first one I can remember is this girl who was pretty into gaming, and she entered into this gaming tournament at another school, so it meant she would have to skip school to go play. One of her friends offers to drive her right as she was about to give up and just go to school. But it didn’t matter because there were loads of teachers outside making sure that kids weren’t messing off. She had stolen something from the school earlier (like a mini ladder of some sort) and tried to give it back to the teachers as a way to distract them but it didn’t work so ultimately the all had to go to school. The next person I was dreaming as is the most confusing of all, I don’t remember how or why, but we were in the woods battling this other groups. Oh, and we had powers. For some reason Robbie from Victorious was in my group but he must of been pretty weak because he got hit pretty early on and didn’t get up for the rest of the fight (he was injured he was just scared) so we keep going back in forth with our attacks until I guess my caretaker?? Nanny?? Butler? Of some sort comes out. I say he must of been my butler because he was human, either a creature or robot I can’t remember, and he had a British accent and was wearing a suit. He reprimanded all of us for fighting, especially me because he had explicitly instructed me to stay out of trouble. He takes us all home and that’s all I remember. This next one is the funniest to me lol. I was a suburban mom with a loving husband. I thought everything was great until it switches to the next scene and I was making out with some random lady outside of my house! She was obviously my lover? Mistress? Idk I’ve never had an affair. But we were right outside of my house! Any of my neighbors could see us (there were a lot of people outside that day, it was kind of alarming) so I tried to pull her inside (i assumed that my husband was at work or something) but she wouldn’t let me go and we kept going at it. Then i see one of my neighbors coming up so we quickly separate, my neighbors tells me that she needs to borrow something in my garage. And I guess this is a very close community of people because I open it for her and let her look for what she needs herself. And for some reason my mistress and I lose all sanity because we started going at it again! Right in front of my neighbor! I don’t know what happens next, or if my husband found it cus my dream shifted again. This time I was a teen mom who had recently ran away from home. Well, not technically run away but moved states so she could “restart” she took her son tho, obviously. Anyways it must have been the first day of school because I had to go to the main office to ask where their nursery was (for my son) and the receptionist points out this lady on the other side of the room. Instantly my heart drops because this lady is familiar somehow. She was some sort of worked at my old school. I was hoping she wouldn’t recognize me and I went up to ask were the nursery is. The lady tried to say hi to my son but he doesn’t say anything, or at least I didn’t hear him speak because the lady was like “menagerie? Nice to meet you!” (Also, side not, wtf kind of name is menagerie?? I have no idea where it came from). Then the lady goes on to ask if I have all of his medical records and stuff like that on file, I didn’t so I told her that. She gave me this kind of disapproving look and was like “I can’t admit him into the nursery until you get those in.” At this point my son had climbed up onto one of the chairs and was looking a little distraught. I asked him what was wrong and he answered in complete, coherent sentences. It was a little weird because he was only 2 but I guess it was normal. He said that he didn’t like it here and that he wanted to go back home, to his real home in the state we used to live in. I was really scared that he would blurt out the name of the state because then the lady definitely would have known who I was, but he didn’t. Then this teacher comes in with A LOT of spaghetti and meatballs because apparently the receptionist had won this “spaghetti raffle” so they lay it all out on her desk and man it’s A LOT. Then my brother (from real life) comes out of no where and begins to eat her spaghetti! I yell at him and tell him to stop because he can’t just eat other people food but I hear the teacher he brought it in tell the room that they can have some too. Still, I didn’t feel comfortable taking another lady’s spaghetti so I told him to ask the receptionist first. And that’s all I remember.