Weird ass dream that made no sense

Date: 8/8/2019

By jihope

I havent been able to remember any of my dreams in months but this one was really vivid and I could see features of everyones faces and I was at specific places too. I usually can never make out faces or places and everything is really blurry. The dream was all over the place too. I was in my room and basically I was trying to catch this nasty pet worm I had??? I bought it because apperently in my dream I was scared of worms so I thought that if I bought a giant ass mutant worm then I could get over my fear of them?? It was about the size of my hand and I chased it around my room but I was too scared to pick it up so it ended up crawling into a crack in my wall and idk where tf it went after that but then I started killing a ton of these little spiders in my room. I have a big fear of spiders irl to where I have to call someone else to kill them for me but in the dream I didnt seem to mind killing them myself. I think I remember someone else coming into my room while I was killing them but idk who it was. That part was a little foggy. Also my room was exactly the way it is now but the only difference is my bed was a daybed with a trundle underneath it (like the old bed I had about 5 years ago). Then I'm pretty sure I woke up but I fell back to sleep and started a new dream which was realllly long. So I got this job at some store that looked a lot like best buy and the workers looked like they were wearing best buy uniforms. Basically everyone that worked there was being mind controlled (so they could be good workers??) But me and this other group of people were faking being mind controlled because we wanted to work there and be ourselves?? and we were trying to sneak into the stock room in the very back for some reason. We had to put our keys and id on some scanner before we entered the store. This next part was vivid when I first woke up but I've already forgotten a lot of the dream so I'm not exactly sure what happened but I did something when putting my keys on the scanner that seemed suspicious which this one Asian lady who seemed like she was the boss was looking at me in a weird way as if she knew I wasnt being mind controlled but I still ended up passing through the scanner and getting to the back of the store. After that we just did our job like normal at best buy but later during the day I got assigned some weird job by the boss with one of my closest friends irl (beau) which we had to take care of a baby and then later eat dinner with some rich fancy family. I took care of the baby for like 10 minutes and then I'm pretty sure beau took over. We decided to go seperately and meet at the restaurant. I left the store and drove my car straight to the sears parking lot. Irl the sears near my house is part of a mall but it shut down and the parking lot is always empty. Its near an apartment for elderly people. This area was exactly the same in my dream. While I was there I looked in the trunk of my car for some nice clothes to change into. My trunk was huge as if it was a closet. I tried on a ton of clothes but nothing looked nice on me. In the dream I was thinking about going to the kroger gas station near my house because for some reason I had a closet there in the parking lot??? But i ended up not going because it would take too much time. I changed into some ugly clothes because apperently the nice and fancy clothes in my trunk weren't good enough?? Before I could get in my car I saw some cars pulling up. One was a bright red car with a woman in it and the other was a white stalker like van. I got really scared because I thought I was gonna get sex trafficked (the cars parked really far from me and I had more than enough time to get in the car and drive away idk why I was so scared). Another red car pulled up with another woman in it. A bunch of people got out of the white van and started setting up things as if they were going to shoot a movie. This next part is kinda blurry but I eventually talked to this guy sitting in one of those movie director chairs and basically he said he was a director for brazzers and he thought I was one of the porn stars that were gonna be filmed?? Another red car came with a woman in it and she ended up being the last woman that was gonna be in the film. Apperently all the porn stars drove red cars and my car was also red so thats why there was a misunderstanding but everything got cleared up and everyone was really nice?? It was really weird. I was about to leave but then I decided I should take a picture with the director for brazzers because Beau was a big fan of him??? And she would never believe me if I told her what happened. So i got a picture with him and this was the first time I could clearly make out his face but he looked like David Cross from Alvin and the chipmunks just a little younger and had black hair. At one angle he also kinda looked like Beau's stepdad?? The angles of the photos were really fucking weird and idk why I took them like that but I got the pictures so I guess thats all that mattered. I left the parking lot and went to the dinner place (im pretty sure it was olive garden). Beau and the rich family were already there. I ended up telling Beau about the entire thing that happened in the Sears parking lot. It was really all really weird lol